Our Team

A-CAL Construction is committed to quality workmanship and integrity. We staff each project with teams of personnel who are carefully screened to ensure they possess the experience and know-how to get the job done right. Read our Code of Conduct for more information about company guidelines and core values or visit our Careers page to find out more about career opportunities.


Cesar Ortiz

Director of Company Development

Over 8 years of combined experience in Finance, Operations, and Project Coordinating with special emphasis on execution, organization and customer satisfaction. Strong analytical and problem solving skills, team player, highly organized and results oriented.

When Cesar is not hard at work making his dreams come true; he enjoys playing soccer or spending his leisure time with family and friends.


Jenni Anspach

Director of Purchasing

Jenni’s philosophy is whether it’s a client, vendor, subcontractor, or partner, the foundation of a well-run company is comprehensive communication between individuals. When people work together as a team towards common goals, then everyone benefits. As Director of Purchasing, acting as liaison between client, company, and vendor, those communication skills are key.

While Jenni has many hobbies outside of work, yoga is one of her main passions. She has been teaching yoga for over a decade, and practicing for much longer. Fun fact: She took 7th place in the 2016 National Yoga Asana Championship.

Sal Mehmedic

Regional Project Manager

Sal has over 15 years of experience in construction and construction management, including 10 years with A-Cal. He manages with high standards for quality control, meeting schedules and deadlines on time, and customer satisfaction.

Originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, he prides himself on his heritage and family values. In his off-time, Sal enjoys practicing yoga, mountain biking, and all things outdoors.

Eduardo Mora.jpg

Eduardo Mora


Eduardo has been with A-CAL for nearly 5 years. From picking up trash around job-sites to becoming an estimator, he has slowly climbed the corporate ladder during his career with A-CAL Construction and even though he’s young and holds a high-ranking position, he always keeps a humble attitude and doesn’t brag or let his position define him.

During his free time, Eduardo enjoys driving while blasting EDM music and playing video games on his custom built computer.

“All you need to do is go to work, do your job and go home safely.”
- Eduardo Mora

Josh Lee

Project Manager

Josh has been in the construction industry since 2002 and enjoys taking on challenges both professionally and in his personal time. His dedication, successful record of meeting customers needs and hands-on approach to problem resolution make him a valuable part of A-CAL’s team.

During his time away from the office, he likes spending time at home with his wife and newborn daughter.

Richard Sorensen

Project Manager

Richard started working for A-CAL in August 2016. He has worked for many property management companies including NALS, BRE, and Pacific Living Properties.

Born and raised in Glenwood, Iowa, Richard went on to serve five years in the United States Army after graduating from high school. During his career with the United States Army, he was stationed at numerous locations including Camp Hialeah in Pusan, Korea. After retiring from the military in 1996, Richard attended NW Missouri State University where he majored in Atmospheric Sciences and proceeded to study Construction Management at Washington State University.